Corn Island

The Caribbean coast's biggest tourist draw is only 70 km offshore, on a pair of lovely islands with crystalline bays and underwater caves.

Big Corn is the larger one of the two islands and inhabited by a Creole population that lives in colorful wooden houses. Tourism is the second-largest industry after lobster fishing, but the island is not overcrowded and still has an authentic and interesting culture to discover.

Little Corn, a tiny, car-less jewel, attracts many tourists as well. Most visitors head for funky and creative beachside cottages.

Little Corn has a bit more diverse dive sites than Big Corn, the jungle is thick, the food outstandingly good and visitors can indulge in car-free silence. It feels like the entire island is yours!

From To Departure time Arrival time Price
Corn Island Managua Airport 06:30 07:30 $ 186.00
Corn Island Managua Airport 14:00 15:00 $ 186.00