This archipelago consisting of 36 islands, of which four are inhabited, is situated in the southern part of Lao de Nicaragua. These tropical islands are enriched with an abundant wildlife, long history and creative and artistically talented people. Although being sparsely populated, the work of the artisans is known worldwide.

There are also important archaeological sites (including petroglyphs on San Fernando featuring images of parrots, monkeys, and people), the Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge, a 400 km² marsh parallel to the lakeshore, home to both monkeys and alligators, and the Solentiname National Monument, which consists of the islands themselves and the lakeshores around them.

The Solentiname area is reachable from Rio San Juan and the traveler looking for tranquility, beauty and nature will be satisfied. Solentiname is said to be Nicaraguas best kept secret.