Ometepe Island

Isla de Ometepe's fertile volcanic soil, clean waters, wide beaches, multifaceted wildlife and archaeological sites make it one of the most interesting destinations for every tourist.

Eco-tourism is on the rise, and this island is a paradise for hikers: head either to Volcán Concepción (approximately a 12 hours hike) or Volcán Maderas (approximately an 8 hours hike) and you will be rewarded with jade-green lakes, howling monkeys and amazing views of the sister volcanoes. Or just lie down in the hammocks at your lodge and relax in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

From To Departure time Arrival time Price
San Jorge (Ometepe) Granada 10:15 12:00 $ 21.00
San Jorge (Ometepe) San Juan del Sur 09:00 09:40 $ 16.00