Managua City

The earthquake in 1972 destroyed Managua's once glorious boulevards, and today the building styles are very diverse. Modern residential buildings that popped up after the tremors are a large contrast to older, more majestic neo classical constructions, such as the cathedral and the museum. Little by little, the city is being turned into what its poets and revolutionaries once promised.

Although Managua can seem chaotic at first, it provides smooth roads and a large range of hotels and restaurants that serve delicious local food. The city is pulsing with great nightlife! Definitely go to one of the clubs or bars if you visit the city!

From To Departure time Arrival time Price
Managua City Granada 13:00 14:00 $ 23.00
Managua City Masaya 13:30 14:10 $ 18.00
Managua City León 10:00 12:00 $ 23.00